Why choosing Take5steps?

Training Experience

Through our business unit, take5steps, we provide language-training services to non-native adults who aim to learn English in order to sharpen their skills in the professional arena, and handle themselves in everyday life situations.

Intercultural Integration

We train professionals of other nationalities in English and/or Spanish and we bring in native speakers of other nationalities to our work team. That way, we transmit not only academic training, but cultural interaction as well.

curso de ingles take 5 steps experiencia
curso de ingles take 5 steps intercultural

Our Resources

Take5steps has a wide variety of literature, and today, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to increasingly use tools that technology, and the internet in particular, provide us. Optimizing available resources is essential in a flexible and dynamic training model. We utilize these resources inasmuch as our clients have access to them as part of their jobs.
Either way, we attempt to use all available tools in order to enhance traditional teaching materials.

We also understand the importance of working with international business English bookmarks, so that each participant can access a quick diagnostic of their language skills. Being able to send participants links to relevant materials and access this information during class is extremely useful. We have verified that authentic material taken from their daily activities, newspapers, magazines, webpages, among others, is an excellent added value for students.