Continuing Education for Entrepreneurs

Take 5 steps to success!

A new startup called is a learning platform to help students to find personalized learning plans so that it becomes easier for students to grow and learn. It will offer different programs not only for students but also for professionals who are seeking continuing education.

Enroll: Take 5 steps to get started

Choice: Decide the type of business you like (Four “D words” desire, discipline, determination and drive)

Knowledge: Describe the business and choose training

Market: Create and check on competition

Sales: How to create revenue

What services do we offer?

1. Business Coaching: our training is about moving an individual beyond personal or professional obstacles and develop new interpersonal leader and manager skills. (One-on-one in-person or phone-based coaching sessions)

2. Personal Development Coaching: our training is about improving your performance in six key areas:

  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Clear communication
  • Proper planning and time management
  • Handling difficult people and conflict situations
  • Inspiring yourself with a positive mental attitude
  • Inspiring a positive mental attitude in other people

3. Developing English Skills: Language Training

4. Communication Skills Training: hiring linguistic assistance for your PPT presentations, research papers, business reports, business meetings, etc.

5. Profesional Translation and Interpreting Services in over 40 Languages