Traducción medica (En español)

Clinical trial protocols: medical translation guided practice from English to Spanish, part I -Updated
Translation guided practice from English to Spanish, part II -Updated


Language: Spanish

Duration: 60 minutes



Brief presentation of the generic layout of protocols and clinical trials, explanation of their parts; practical approach based on real texts focused on terminology and typical phraseology of this material.

Webinar Content:

– Legislation and origin of clinical trial protocols.
– Work with real clinical trial protocols:
Description of the parts with the different linguistic challenges they entail; guidelines for translation.
Conceptualization of the most frequent terms: translations and paraphrasing of idioms and recurrent lexicology.
– Protocols and medical devices
– Guides and materials for resolving terminology in the field of biomedicine.


14) Medical Translation Specialization (Create a resource library commensurate with your professional profile as an initial step towards specialization or as a continuous training strategy). In this webinar, the goal is to present translators with an overview of the resources available and how and when to use them. The presentation will be in Spanish, with special emphasis on the English-Spanish language pair.


15) Polysemy and false cognates in the translation of medical texts